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Respiratorsn95mask.com is a specialized in the retail and wholesale of the best quality medical safety products


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During this pandemic one thing that everyone has been running after are the N95 masks. All around the world masks have been oversold during this corona virus outbreak. Its demand has been rising rapidly.

The N95 mask is a filtering face piece respirator that is regulated by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

We know that corona virus is airborne so this mask is personal protective equipment that protects the person from particles that are present in the air that can contaminate the person’s breath. The main purpose is to prevent the exposure to virus. So we need to cover our mouth and the nose in order to stay away from any kind of exposure. Because whenever a person who has the virus, coughs, sneezes or emits any droplets they diffuse in the air and can easily enter another person. Please also check the CDC guidance mentioned on this link.

Right now there are two types of masks being used; one is the normal surgical mask that is worn by surgeons during operations, these masks might protect from the virus as well as from liquid fluids or droplets but do not completely protect a person from the air borne viruses. The surgical masks are a bit loose and do not fit properly around the mouth and the nose.

Whereas N95, KN95 masks are very much fitted to the person’s face that helps 95% of the very small particles to entering the person forming a seal around the person’s mouth.  These masks are fluid resistant and are tested for flammability and bio-compatibility. One thing to keep in mind is that these masks should strictly be kept for the use of one person and should not be shared.

Surgical masks are not designed to be used more than once. But both masks are to be disposed of when they become too wet, dirty, or damaged.


The mask removes 95% of the .3 micron particlesIts material is quite tough and flexible at the same timeHelps the person breath clean air without any particles Non woven polypropylene fiber Reduces breathing resistance Helps to prevent particular diseases

These 0.3 microns are the dust particles, mists, fumes etc. and these can’t pass through the barrier created by the mask. The material is non electrostatic.


To stay safe from corona virus you must take precautions very seriously, especially those elder people who are already fighting a disease and those babies who haven’t developed their immune systems properly. In this time of crisis you can make your own masks too but they won’t be as beneficial as the surgical and N95 mask. You can order easily from RespiratorN95Mask.com, our N95 masks are FDA & CDC approved and we ship instantly. You can receive your order with 3-5 business day or also pay for express shipping if you want.


The FDA cleared masks have labeled “single use” on them. This means that when your mask becomes damaged or breaks, you can remove the respirator and replace it with a new one and discard this one properly. To discard the respirator put it in a plastic bag and through it in trash. After this wash your hands properly.

People with facial hair or children cannot achieve a proper fit on their face. This will cause the air to leak out and will not serve the purpose. So you should ensure a proper fit.

N95 masks do not protect against chemical vapors, gases, carbon monoxide, or low oxygen environments. Always follow the manufacturer’s directions for how to use the mask. Use both straps on the masks to hold it correctly in place. Throw the mask when it makes it difficult to breathe properly or if it is deformed. And also if the air leaks from the edges, it means it is of use no longer.

Don’t try to clean the mask or disinfect it. Whenever you touch the respirator touch the straps only. And don’t leave an N95 mask hanging around your neck to ensure proper hygiene.

When purchasing check to make sure that the N95 mask does not have any defects such as holes in it. N95 masks are crucial for hospital staff, because they perform procedures that generate infectious aerosols. Many people think that the N95 mask provides the same protection like the surgical masks, but that’s a myth.