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Benefits of KN95 Protective Mask

KN95 mask explained: -

With the second wave of Covid-19 hitting hard everywhere in the world, it seems like critical supplies have again turned short in supply owing to surge in demand. FDA has allowed the use of KN95 masks when N95 masks are not available. KN95 protective mask is the respirator mask that filters out 95% of contaminated particles. These masks are regulated according to Chinese government regulations GB 2626-2006, GB 262-2019 and GB 19083-2010. The international certifications of both n95 and kn95 masks are almost the same, reason why FDA has granted permission to use them in place of n95.

Working of KN95 mask: -

KN95 protective mask is made up of five layers. The layers use very high quality non-woven fabric which is made of hot air cotton. Hot air cotton ensures softness and allows for lesser air velocity. The non-woven fabric is water and droplet proof ensuring efficacy of the masks. Having multi-layer protection allows for superior particle filtration. Hypoallergenic materials ensure the skin remains safe from any sorts of skin allergies and diseases for doctors have to don these masks for long hours while they are at work.

3D foldable design and an adjustable nose clip makes KN95 protective mask highly functional. Its elastic ear loops allow for a firmer and tighter fitting onto face covering nose till chin part. When you order KN95 face mask make sure it is the one that has five-layer protection. There are some KN95 masks that are made up of four layers; however, CDC recommends the use of those KN95 masks that are composed of five layers. 

Benefits of KN95 mask: -

Protective masks are very important especially in fighting against the pandemic. Enhanced five-layer protection safeguards against airborne pathogens, allergens and pollen ensuring that wearer breathes filtered air. The masks are disposable which ensures lesser chance of infection through reuse hence leading to better care and hygiene. The masks are very handy and portable since they fold flat. Therefore, you can very conveniently store and carry them with you. The tight fitting provided by KN95 mask prevents infected droplets from going into the mouth or nose. The elastic bands ensure there is no leakage around the mask preventing droplets from leaking in through from any possible way.

Another very important benefit of wearing KN95 mask is that it not only protects those who wear them but also their families when they go back home after being exposed to all sorts of germs and bacteria while being at work. This is one of the reasons why CDC vehemently recommends healthcare workers and those fighting Covid-19 as frontline workers to use respirator masks to protect themselves as their exposure to the virus is much greater than the general public.

How to wear KN95 mask: -

Absolute care and precaution must be taken when wearing KN95 masks. Firstly, your hands must be clean before and after wearing the mask. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water or rub them with an alcohol based hand sanitizer. The inside of mask shall remain untouched by hands. It is better to adjust the mask with hands that are covered with gloves to ensure not even a bit of contamination. There are many brands of KN95 masks available. Hence when you order KN95 mask make sure it is authentic one that has NIOSH-approved designation and FDA logo. Another very important consideration is getting a mask fit-test done. This test is useful to ascertain whether the mask fits right according to the wearer’s face ensuring the required level of safety. It is better to get the mask fit test done before you order KN95 face mask.