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What type of face mask can you buy amid the corona virus pandemic?

The corona virus pandemic has shaken the whole US. People are trying desperately to guard themselves against the deadly pandemic. The good part, however is that it has a very low fatality ratio. This means if people take proper preventive measures they can defeat the virus.

CDC issues guidelines for the safety of general public that people must adhere to if they are to win this war against the pandemic.

People are urged by CDC to stay at home and do not come out unless it is important. Even if they leave their home they must cover their face with a mask. The mask protects them against harmful secretions of other people with whom you might get in contact when outside home.

Likewise it protects others from your own secretions. Social distancing is very important when outside. People must maintain a distance of at least 3 feet when in public places.

What type of Face Masks to buy?

Here are some different types of masks you can buy amid the corona virus pandemic.

Cloth mask:

CDC recommends general people to use cloth mask to guard themselves against the virus. Healthy people must wear these masks especially when they go out for grocery, visit the bank or go to any place where general public dealing is being done.

Usually these places are crowded at social distancing of 6 feet becomes nearly impossible at such places. Hence covering face with a mask becomes very important. These masks are cheap and can be made up easily at home. You can stitch them easily out of a bandana or any piece of cloth.

These masks should be washed thoroughly after every use. CDC recommends healthy people to wear these masks rather than any of the following categories of masks that are more efficient in limiting the inflow of viruses.

Following type of face masks should be reserved for those who are working at the front-line against the deadly pandemic.

Surgical mask:

surgical mask

Disposable surgical masks are used by health care professionals to protect them against the germs emitted through infected people. These masks protect the wearer from the spit, blood splatter and other forms of liquids that could contain hazardous particles.

These masks have a loose fitting hence they cannot filter minute particles from going into the wearer’s nose and mouth. They can also be used by caretakers of corona virus patients at home.

Respirator masks:

n95 respirator face mask

N95 face masks or KN95 respirators are specialized masks that filter 95% of the air before going into the body of the wearer. Its tight fitting covers the face adequately and protects the wearer from infected particles.

KN95 Respirator Face Mask

However, the mask does not protect against gases and vapors. A single unit costs between $3 and $5. Most of the pharmacies are selling these up-to $8.

Gas mask:

A more advanced form of mask, the P100 respirator or gas mask protects wearer from potential hazards arising from the exposure to dangerous chemicals.

These include lead, asbestos and other dangerous chemicals. It is quite expensive mask and could cost between $25-$50.

Powered air-purifying respirator:

The full face respirator covers the whole face hence provides a superior level of protection against harmful emissions. It not only protects against hazardous liquids and particles but also against gases and vapors. It is suitable for people who have facial hair or generally have difficulty in breathing.

Self-contained breathing apparatus:

This is the highest level of protective masks. These are very expensive costing between $2500-$4000. They are used by people doing job in extremely polluted environment such as firefighters. These masks are reusable.

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