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How to Buy Plastic Protective Face Shields Online in USA?

It has been almost a year since coronavirus hit the world. Though lockdowns have been lifted, unfortunately the virus continues to spread its menace all across the US. CDC continuously warns people of the hazards of not wearing masks and maintaining social distance. CDC recommends people to use cloth mask to protect against the virus. However, a number of people are resorting to face shields considering its efficacy in protecting against the virus while being comfortable in wearing.

Effectiveness of face shields in protecting against the virus: -

Cloth masks might not be enough to protect against the virus in crowded places or where others are not covering their faces. Infected droplets might pass through cloth masks in such situations. On the other hand, plastic protective face shield provides a higher level of safety. It covers the whole of face including eyes which gives additional sense of security. It hinders a person from touching anywhere on his face which is also one of the ways the virus spreads.

Another major reason why people are turning towards face shields is that they o not make breathing difficult as the face masks do. Plastic protective face shields are commonly used for children as masks pose the risk of suffocation in children. Maintenance of face shields is also easier than that of face masks.  You need to wash face masks after each time you wear them. On the other hand, cleaning a face shield is a lot easier. You can wipe it thoroughly with a disinfectant after each use.

Some people also feel difficulty in communication while donning face masks. That is not the case with face shields as they are transparent allowing no barrier to communication. Moreover face shield is placed at the front of face, not on the face which does not cause any hindrance in communication.

Users of face shields: -

CDC recommends that face shields must be used by medical professionals who are exposed to a greater risk of infection on a daily basis. Healthcare workers, doctors, nurses and paramedical staff who interact with patients and are exposed to contaminated surfaces require effective protection that cannot be guaranteed by cloth masks.

Other than medical workers, people who work in fields where interaction with general people is a lot can use face shields for protection. This includes people working in stores, bankers, traffic police and others who are involved in frequent public dealing. School going children and staff at schools can also wear face shields for protection.

How to buy protective face shields online in USA: -

There are certain things to keep in mind when buying face shields. An effective face shield is the one that provides maximum coverage. It must be long and wide enough to cover the whole of face and its sides. There are face shields that come with UV protective feature. These shields protect against damage cause by UV light. Some face shields are distant enough from the face to allow for the person to wear glasses. Reusable face shields that can be cleaned and disinfected easily are very handy. Lastly, the face shield must offer value for money. Many brands offer discount on protective face shields in bulk purchase. Especially at this time of the year many sellers offer discount on purchases of products.  

Some common online stores where you can buy face shields: -

There are many online stores in the US where you can buy protective face shields. When you buy protective face shields in bulk you are likely to get a better price. These stores include Amazon, Honest PPE Supply, Bloomingdale’s and Walmart. Some common face shield brands include Pleson 5-Piece Face Shield, Mada 10-pack reusable face shield, Bjorn Swensen Protective face shield and ArtToFrames Protective face shield.