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The N-95 Receptors vs. The Common Surgical Mask!

Amid the outbreak of COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus; the N-95 receptors became quite popular among the laymen. However, many of us fail to understand the difference between a surgical mask and an N-95 respirator.

For normal people, the N-95 respirator mask does not have any additional benefits. Although, the CDC has declared the mask to be the best choice during the pandemic. The pandemic has made the entire world lock themselves up in their houses. Governments still have no clue how to cope up with the COVID-19 pandemic and we are nowhere close to finding a cure. 

Meanwhile, the CDC (Center for Disease Control) has recommended every one to take preventive measures. The preventive measures include washing your hands for 20 secs every next two hours and maintaining social distance from your peers. 

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However, there are around more than a million cases all around the world and 300,000 cases in the US. However, a professor from John Hopkins predicted that there will be 250,000 cases in the US. Statisticians have predicted the numbers to grow in the US and reach almost half a million. 

These results are heartbreaking as 68,000 deaths have been recorded. COVID-19 has taken its entire form and doctors are saying that this is the first wave of COVID-19. Another deadly wave is expected to hit the world by September or October. 

What makes the N-95 mask so unique?

The N-95 mask has a unique model which makes the filtration process better. As COVID-19 is an airborne disease, and it is highly contagious; the mask ensures that the particles or the germs don't affect you at all. 

The receptors block 95% of very small (0.3 microns) particles, maximizing safety. Although, doctors and specialists highly suggest people use the N-95 receptors. 

Nonetheless, the question still stands.

Does the mask serve the purpose?

The mask's unique design ensures that no germ/particle of whatsoever will enter your body via your face. That is basically how COVID-19 works.

Governments are advising people to wear masks because we tend to touch our faces frequently. And the mask not only saves us from Coronavirus particles, but it also acts as a shield in case we touch our face with infected hands.

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The N-95 mask or receptor is designed to fit the face perfectly so that it is not loose by the sides and edges. This ensures that you only breathe through the receptors, although, people sitting at home don't need to wear them at home. The masks are specifically for doctors to wear since their work is more serious and severe.

Due to the shortage of N-95 receptors, people have shown concern towards which masks can save you from the pandemic. The inevitable can happen to you regardless of the mask you wear, the precautionary measures you're taking are more vital in such situations.

Moreover, if by any chance, your local stores are offering the N-95 receptors, you should leave them for the elderly or the doctors. COVID-19 is extremely harmful to the elderly as their immune system is weaker than young people. The virus is highly contagious and doctors work with COVID-19 daily. 

Frequently asked questions by people about N-95 receptor!

What is a receptor?

Receptors are specially designed face masks. Receptors are filters that filter the air you breathe, ensuring you have no or zero interaction with contagious particles of COVID-19.

How to tell if the receptor is NIOSH-approved?

The NIOSH-approved masks have approval labels and numbers. Also, these receptors have a uniqueness of making it hard to breathe. If your mask has the label along with the number and you've bought it from a reliable CDC approved vendor, you're good to go.

How do I know if the NIOSH receptor is expired?

The packet you've bought must have the expiration and manufacturing date on it. However, if you've bought it without the packet, you can ask your pharmacists to confirm the expiration date. Although, all FFRs have an expiration date imprinted on them. 

Who should wear the N-95 receptor?

Anyone can wear the N-95 receptors, although, doctors, elderlies and people who have constant interactions with people - shop keepers, policemen or hospital workers; should wear these marks regularly.

What makes an N-95 receptor different from face masks (surgical masks)?

  • N-95 receptors cleanse the air you breathe to 95%, ensuring maximum safety from airborne diseases. Though the normal surgical mask does not cleanse your air, it only saves you from touching your face.
  • The surgical masks have minimal air cleansing efficiency, they ensure safety from contagious diseases such as - fever, influenza, etc. Regardless, it is not completely useless against COVID-19. 
  • N-95 receptors have a longer life as compared to surgical masks. Face masks (surgical masks) are only for one-time use. People are suggested to dispose of surgical masks asap, but you can use the N-95 receptors till its expiration date.
  • Specialists suggest NIOSH-approved in the COVID-19 pandemic. Hence, it is best to wear N-95 receptors amid the epidemic.
  • N-95 receptors are expensive as compared to the surgical masks and are now facing a shortage all around the world.

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