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Reasons to Wear KN 95 Face Mask

KN 95 face mask and its features: -

KN 95 face mask is a respirator mask that prevents 95% of the airborne particles from entering the body through nose and mouth. Wear KN 95 mask is Chinese version of the American N95 respirator mask.

Both the masks have almost the same features with minimal differences. KN 95 mask requires fit test with less than 8% leakage. On the other hand, N95 respirator does not essentially require mask fit test. Other than that, N95 masks are slightly better breathable than KN 95 masks.

KN 95 Face mask is a specialized respiratory mask that blocks large as well as small 0.3 micron particles from entering the body. Its protective features and heavy-duty engineering makes it a very effective gear against deadly viruses. This mask is, however, not resistant to oil. It means it cannot protect against liquids.

With COVID-19 cases rising every minute in the US, there is acute shortage of respirator masks in the US. So much so, that CDC issued guidance as to the use of masks in which it clarified that general public must use cloth masks to cover their faces. On the other hand, respirator masks must be reserved for health care workers and other workers such as police force who are exposed to a greater risk of being infected with the virus. FDA has allowed import of respirator masks from foreign countries including the Chinese KN 95 masks. It is considered to be a safe substitute of the American standard N95 respirator mask.

Reasons to wear KN 95 face mask: -

KN 95 mask forms a tight seal around the face, specifically nose and mouth which blocks the passage of infected particles. It has four layers that provide effective filtration of harmful particles making the air that the wearer inhales absolutely clean. The mask protects against viruses, allergies, pollution and dust. Its metallic tip that covers the nose gives a good fitting hence protection against particles.

The mask is light in weight and easy to carry. Hence it does not pose any difficulty in wearing. This is very important factor as the wearer must keep it on for as long as he is exposed to the contaminated environment. This could mean that the health care workers don the mask for whole day long so it is important that the mask is wearable for long hours.

Wear KN 95 mask is reusable. It can be washed and cleaned easily. However, make sure it is in right condition before you wear it. A damaged or soiled mask would be no good hence it must be disposed off.

Before you wear KN 95 Face mask, make sure your hands are clean. Use the strings to adjust the mask onto your face to give a good fit. Similarly adjust the nose piece according to your face to give a tight coverage. However, it must not be too tight that it makes difficult for you to breathe, nor it must be loose so that the air leaks from the mask.

Other essential practices to prevent COVID-19: -

Wear KN 95 mask is one of the most effective ways to protect against COVID-19. However, this alone cannot assure complete prevention of the virus. Exceptional hand hygiene, disinfection of surfaces and social distancing are very important to control the spread of virus.