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Staying Safe Use Personal Protective Equipment On the Job Site

Going to work during covid-19: -

It has been more than half a year since offices and industries have shut down globally owing to Covid-19. However, many corporations in the US are now realizing that pandemic is going to be around for a while and people will have to adjust to the “new normal”. Going back to work after staying at home for so long is quite intimidating especially when cases continue to rise at an alarming rate. Hence it is best to do away with the fear and anxiety by taking all the necessary precautions at workplace.

General hygiene guidelines for all workers: -

Firstly, employers and corporations must try to have as much work done from home as possible. People should go to office only when required. This would limit the number of people gathering at the workplace. Coronavirus spreads through infected respiratory droplets and by contact with contaminated surfaces. Such kind of exposure cannot be restricted at job site. Hence ensure good hand hygiene by washing hands rigorously for twenty seconds with soap and water. Always keep a hand sanitizer with yourself in case soap and water are not readily available. Avoid shaking hands at workplace. Avoid touching surfaces with hand such as elevator buttons and door knobs with bare hands. Use a tissue paper and discard it immediately. Maintain social distance of at least six feet even at workplace. Do not share food with your peers. It is best to bring your own home cooked food to work.

Use of personal protective equipment to stay safe at work: -

Personal protective equipment is very important for the safety of workers who are fighting the pandemic at the front line. These include health care professionals, workers from public services such as traffic controllers, police force and others. Personal protective equipment is useful not only for these but all the other people as well who go to work. For instance people who work in closed environment such as stewards and pilots in the aviation are also at a greater risk of getting infected with the virus. Apart from this, personnel involved in delivering services that requires close physical contact such as makeup artists and salon workers they also need to protective gear to safeguard themselves against the disease.

Types of personal protective gear: -

Here are some common types of personal protective equipment that are commonly used at job site: -

  • Face masks: -

A cloth mask or a surgical mask can be effectively used at workplace to protect you against the virus. General public has been advised by FDA to cover their face with cloth mask. However, those who work in sensitive environments such as health care facilities or old age homes they need more advanced surgical masks to protect themselves against the virus.

  • Respirators: -

Respirators are masks that give a very efficient filtration of airborne particles. These masks are appropriate for workforce who exposes themselves to the risk of virus such as doctors, nurses, paramedics and other workers. The mask is designed to give a very tight facial fitting hindering any infectious particle from going into the body. N95 respirator is one such mask which is commonly used in workplaces.

  • Gloves: -

Gloves are also used as personal protective gear to avoid any contaminated surface from infecting the hands. You must wash your hands nicely before wearing the gloves. Once your task is completed discard the gloves carefully into the trash bin immediately. Wash hands again after discarding the gloves. Gloves can be made of polythene, latex, nitrile or neoprene.

  • Gowns: -

Workers who work in highly sensitive environments such as health care workers don gowns to protect themselves against the virus. The gown protects against splatter of infectious particles on clothes.

  • Face shields: -

Face shields covers the whole of face unlike masks that cover only mouth and nose. Face shields provide an advanced level of protection by covering the eyes as well.