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The Importance of PPE Kits for School Kids

Impact of Coronavirus On School Going Kids: -

As the pandemic hit globally, all the schools including those in the US shut down. Everyone felt their own share of impact of covid including children. Being locked down in homes and missing school created negative impact on children. Not only that, missing football coaching, ballet lessons and simply playing out in the garden added to the misery.

Adjusting to the online system of education was another new experience brought by the pandemic. After several months passed by schools started reopening gradually. However, the process of reopening of schools was as worrisome for school management as it was for parents. Pandemic PPE kit became extremely important for school kids to control the spread of infection.

Pandemic PPE Kit for School Kids: -

When school reopened special emphasis was laid on supplying necessary PPE kits for school kids. Parents ensure that they send their children to school with face mask. It is also prudent to send an extra mask with kids in case they soil or lose one. Children are to bring their own snacks and water from home. Sharing lunch or utensils should be discouraged at all levels in schools.

School administration must also be prepared by keeping extra masks in case a child forgets or loses one, the school must have masks to supply. There are smaller size face masks for children that give an accurate fit over the face of children. However, school administration must be vigilant that any child does not feel suffocated due to wearing mask for long hours. If a child shows discomfort, take him out in open air while maintaining social distance.

Apart from face masks, face shields are also a part of pandemic PPE kit. They effectively provide protection against the virus by covering the whole face from forehead to chin. Face shields are very useful as they do not get soiled or lost as there is risk with face masks.

Each student must keep their own hand sanitizer with them. This is one of the very important parts of pandemic PPE kit for students. Along with that, schools must install hand sanitizer booths at different locations so that children do not keep their hands dirty at any cost. Regular disinfection sprays on surfaces as well as at the entrance gate when children enter the school are also among important measures to ensure safety at school kids.

One of the most important things is to remind children to wash their hands regularly for at least 20 seconds every time. Especially before having meals they must wash their hands. Posters and banners that reinforce such healthy habits should be displayed all around the school.

Importance of PPE Kits for School Children: -

Children are young and sensitive. Therefore, no negligence can be afforded in order to provide required level of protection against the virus. School is a place where a number of children belonging to different families and areas come together and interact. They play, they mess around and that is how they learn and grow. There are greater chances of spreading viruses and germs in such a scenario. Therefore thorough care and precautions are required to prevent the risk of spreading infection.

Social distancing must be reinforced in all places around the school. Children must be seated allowing a distance of six feet in the class. Similarly during lunch breaks they must maintain a distance. Handshakes should ideally be replaced with elbow nudge or just simply waving hands. Study indicates that children may contract the virus however they may not show any symptoms. This can be very dangerous as they inadvertently carry the virus back home. They may spread it to someone such as a grandparent who is weak to fight the virus. Emphasis on PPE kit can significantly control the spread of virus and make returning to school a successful step.