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Top medical PPE suppliers in USA

What is PPE: -

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) includes tools and gears that protect the wearer against potential hazard at workplace. Generally PPE is required for workers who are exposed to chemical and physical hazard such as those working in mining industry, construction industry, healthcare and chemical industries. However, when outbreaks such as Ebola or coronavirus hit the US, healthcare workers require elaborate and effective PPE to protect them against the diseases. It is very important to buy the equipment from reliable medical PPE suppliers. PPE supply companies must comply with standards and regulations set by OSHA and FDA in order to sell their products into the market.

Types of PPE: -

  • Face masks: -

Face masks protect mouth and nose against harmful particles entering the body. When treating COVID patients, healthcare workers must cover their faces with masks as the virus spreads through infected droplets let out through cough, sneeze or when the infected person talks loudly. There are surgical masks that are loose fitting masks used by healthcare workers. Apart from that, N95 respirators are also used to protect against the virus. These are superior quality and tight fitting masks that filter out 95% of airborne particles.

  • Gowns: -

Healthcare workers must wear gowns when treating COVID patients so that they do not contaminate their clothes with infected droplets. Along with that, gowns help reduce skin exposure providing much needed protection to workers.

  • Gloves: -

Gloves are worn by staff and healthcare workers when handling COVID patients. This includes handling their utensils, taking care of medications and providing other important services.

  • Goggles: -

Goggles protect eyes against splatter of harmful substances. This are highly recommended when working in sensitive environments.

Role of medical PPE suppliers during pandemic: -

When the pandemic hit the US, PPE supply companies faced a lot of pressure resulting from surging demand. It was a very critical time in the history of US. Owing to panic and hysteria people started hoarding PPE even if they did not need it. Given the novelty factor of the disease, there was not much data and evidence as how to protect oneself against the disease. Moreover, highly contagious nature of the virus made people take every precaution possible. So much so that doctors and nurses could not get hold of PPE due to acute shortage. In such a health emergency, FDA allowed companies to enter the medical PPE suppliers market so that the rising demand could be met.

Not only that, the pandemic and resulting restrictions on movement and trade meant disruptions in supply chain of important PPE. This also led to companies entering the market of medical supplies and PPE.

Medical PPE suppliers worked tirelessly to provide healthcare institutions the necessary gear to perform their jobs effectively while safeguarding themselves against any potential danger at work.

Top PPE supply companies in the US: -

It is very important to buy PPE from a well-known and reliable company as your safety depends on these equipment. The suppliers must continually upgrade their practices, manufacturing processes and materials in accordance with changing international standards and regulations. Here are some of the top PPE supply companies in the US.

  • Honeywell: -

With its headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, Honeywell is a huge conglomerate. Safety and healthcare equipment are also among the wide range of products that the company produces. It manufactures eye, face and hearing protection equipment. Along with that, it manufactures hand protection equipment, first aid and head protection equipment.  

  • 3M: -

One of the oldest conglomerates in the US, 3M has been manufacturing protective equipment since more than a hundred years. Respirators head and face protective equipment, protective eye gear and hearing protective equipment are among the countless products the company manufactures.

  • DuPont: -

DuPont is also one of the PPE manufacturers that make equipment such as body armor, flame-resistant clothing and chemical protective garments.

  • MSA Safety: -

MSA Safety makes protective equipment such as helmet, masks, eye and face protective equipment and many others.